6 Best Payroll Apps in 2024

best payroll app

A POE like Justworks may be a better option for businesses looking to completely offload the entire payroll process, while Roll by ADP might be best for novice payroll managers. Blueprint is an independent, advertising-supported best payroll app comparison service focused on helping readers make smarter decisions. We receive compensation from the companies that advertise on Blueprint which may impact how and where products appear on this site.

If you want a more hands-off approach to budgeting, the app may not be for you. While this simple solution lacks the convenience of automated payroll systems, it is completely free and runs on Microsoft Excel. Increased https://www.bookstime.com/articles/what-is-a-cost-benefit-analysis profits through more accurate billing and more informed future bids for your small business. Businesses can sign up for an account and send up to 1000 payments with a single click with the batch payment tool.

Best for Quick Payroll

Some of them offer step-by-step wizards that guide you through the time-intensive process of creating records for employees and supplying the information needed for withholdings. They also do all the required calculations, and most of them submit your payroll taxes and filings to the appropriate agencies. While business owners can typically make up for a lack of time tracking or expense management features by using an outside app, the same can’t be said for payroll taxes. Here are payroll features that are vital for most business owners along with some that are certainly nice to have. Additionally, TimeTrex Community Edition offers nearly as many features as Payroll4Free with great time-tracking. HR.my’s free payroll app and availability in 65+ languages make it a good fit for international businesses.

best payroll app

It also provides all the tools you need for onboarding, payroll processing, tax filing, and reporting. Advanced features include job costing, highly customizable reports, and global payroll. While Paychex Flex offers our favorite employer-facing app, the other top brands we reviewed here are ahead of the curve in making payroll management as easy, accessible, and convenient as possible.

Best employee portal

However, it doesn’t integrate with any other accounting applications. There are better, less expensive online payroll services that you could use as a standalone or integrated service. Gusto has four subscription levels for payroll processing, making it more scalable than any competitor. You can start with Gusto Simple, which offers everything you need to run payroll, and upgrade as your need for features (such as time-tracking tools or more robust HR options) grows.

  • If your business offers employee benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans, you can create records that outline the cost to employees and any company contributions.
  • Other times, you can actually do something about it, if you can pinpoint what’s driving everyone out of their office chairs.
  • Its usability and simplicity make it a good choice for novice payroll managers.
  • Some payroll services are part of comprehensive HR platforms that include not only pay and benefits but also employee development, education and coaching programs.
  • Roll allows you to make use of natural language to access payroll information or even complete a full payroll run in much the same way that you’d text a friend.

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